Canadian art Editors’ shout out to Scott Waters!


Canadian Art’s Editors’ Preview Picks for Art Toronto

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David Balzer, Associate Editor
Scott Waters has maintained a fascinating practice. Since the 2000s, he has remained among the few genuinely talented and smart figurative painters and drawers in Toronto who have not, through market pressure, peer pressure or whatever, turned to more fashionable media to maintain a viable career.

Art Toronto provides a great moment to see Waters’s work. The fair coincides with the last days of his excellent solo show at LE Gallery, “We All Go Down Together,” comprised of small drawings based on images from his Tumblr followers.

At LE’s Art Toronto booth, there are several new, exciting paintings. Waters is known for his work about the military, recently the result of being a selected artist with the Canadian Forces Artists Program (CFAP), but also drawing on his own time in the Canadian Army in the early 1990s. Through his unique imagery, Waters introduces us to the intimate yet fragmented experiences of war, using them figuratively to express the intimate yet fragmented experiences of life.

Waters has lately become keen on creative writing, but has always been an excellent writer. His artist statements are among the few I actually look forward to; they are alternately theatrical expositions and concerted philosophies. At LE’s booth, what one presumes to be an effaced self-portrait shows a man in a macabre, cynical T-shirt depicting a scythe-and-gun-toting Grim Reaper with the evilly laconic text, “I SUPPORT ALL THE TROOPS.” It’s Goya, updated—a summation of Waters’s bleakly humorous, purposely disjointed and tack-sharp eye.



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