Tristram Lansdowne: Otherworldly Nostalgia
There are few experiences more appealing than fantasy. At the height of our imagination, we are capable of conjuring the most realistic, or unrealistic scenarios, based purely on our own desires. This possibility, in combination with reality, sets our actual existence. We are composed of both things known and experienced, and that which can be imagined. This is apparent in the creative output of many, including the paintings of Tristram Lansdowne. Pulling from familiar visual cues, palettes and landscapes of his upbringing, yet drawn to imaginary exploration, Lansdowne’s environments reflect a surreal blend of otherworldly structures and recognizable, nostalgic elements. These visual renditions offer a glimpse into the present time, showing where Tristram has been, and where he’s at now- both legitimately and fictionally.

– Hannah Stouffer

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