LE Gallery x ModTO

LE Gallery’s Wil Kucey Shares His Best Advice

Find LE Gallery @ Dundas & Ossington.

June 9, 2014



Wil Kucey opened LE Gallery in 2003 and has been a steady force exhibiting local talent in Toronto’s art scene ever since. Wil shares with us the best advice he’s received in his creative career.

Only show what you love in the gallery. And it better be of the highest quality.
-anonymous gallerist/mentor

Early in my career, I tried hard to figure out what Toronto wanted, or what they would buy. This led to me presenting work that I did not fully support, or even enjoy, in the hopes of a quick sale. This anonymous dealer told me how I would always be chasing those single sales, and that everyone would see right through my strategy. I made a personal decision to show only the work I wanted to own in my small collection, and that I felt was the most important work being made for my generation. The turn in my exposure, success and feedback was instant and incredibly rewarding. There isn’t a moment, even during the worst days of tax season, that I regret this decision.

Words by Wil Kucey




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