Luke Painter @ LE Gallery

September 6th-27th, 2013
Luke Painter’s new solo exhibition Rebound investigates the dramatic and often-bizarre ways in which historical styles are translated through design and architecture practices. Investigating specific revivalist trends, Painter digs into Louis Comfort Tiffany’s resuscitation of medieval glass techniques in late 19th century commercial applications; the 1980’s filtering of Art Deco, Pop and Minimalism in the work of designer and architect Michael Graves; and the continual mutation of Gothic architecture in the 20th century. In his new body of work, including ink drawings on paper and stained glass sculpture, Painter both references and re-contextualizes these chameleonic sources.

In Rebound, Painter invokes a sense of restless resurrection through his mysterious image composites and continues to employ his immense technical skill to create highly enigmatic and historically ambiguous works on paper. Painter has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally, and holds an MFA from Concordia University. His work has been featured and/or reviewed in print in publications in Canada, the USA, and Europe.


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